Where to begin …

You want to participate in Yard Art Day, but maybe you\’re not sure where to begin.

\”I\’m not very artistic,\” is something we hear a lot. And yes, Yard Art Day has been blessed over the years by the participation of some very accomplished and ambitious artists. But we\’ve also have been blessed by participants who have a something they want to say, who want to reaffirm their community involvement, or simply \”just want to do something fun\”.

We\’ve had full art installations. We\’ve have chalk messages on sidewalks. And a whole lot in between. Judging by this year\’s early registrants, 2019 looks to be no different. A whole lotta everything.

Below is just a small sample of past Yard Art Day exhibits to get your brain flowing. We\’re sure you\’ll see at at least one that says to you, \”Hey, I can do that!\”

And we hope you do. Check these out.