Yard Art Day 2020: The Movie

Want to relive the joy of Yard Art Day 2020 all over again? Or maybe you missed seeing some exhibits? Or maybe you just missed it all this year? (Hey .. stuff happens .. we get it.) The YAD 2020 Highlights video slide show is now available for you to see over and over and over again!

This year, over 120 YADists throughout the Carolinas – as well as New York and Michigan – participated in sharing their creativity and passion with their neighborhoods. Fine art. Fun art. Musical art. Yard Art Day 2020 had it all!

The video on our 2020 Highlights page just just a sample of all the joy, insight, and love that forever is Yard Art Day .. not to mention on kickin’ concert by Richard.

Thanks to all who exhibited .. and to those who took the time to see the exhibits .. and those who did both!

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing for Yard Art Day 2021!